One of my tasks


One of my tasks is to review reports of misconduct in GPSD matches.  The most common shortcomings I read is that the reports are not detailed enough, and are not well organized.

The reason GPSD is asking for this extra care is that, usually, the only part of a misconduct report that is made available to the various review groups is the paragraph or two of descriptive text.  So, even though some of these details (such as the player and team names, and the reason for the card) are listed elsewhere on the form, GPSD is asking that those items be explicitly stated in the description section as well.  The description should be able to stand alone as a complete record of the misconduct.
Several of you have asked for a comprehensive list of details to include in the description section:
Player’s name and uniform number
Team name
The time (minute) of the misconduct
A brief but complete description of the specific action – this should include the word “reckless” or “tactical” for a foul that earned a caution, “violent” or “excessive force” for a foul that earned a send-off
The specific reason for the card (from the FIFA 7+7 list)
The fact that the card was (or was not) shown to the player
How the match was restarted
If a red card:
   whether the sent-off player committed any other violation, or persisted in misconduct, before leaving
   how quickly the player left the venue, and that you waited (or did not wait) until the player had  departed sight and sound of the field to restart the match [hint – the former is the correct answer]

For example, a caution report might say:

In the 24th minute, #7 (Andrew Jackson) of Democrats recklessly tripped an opponent while challenging for the ball.  I stopped play for the foul, and cautioned #7 for unsporting behavior, showing him the yellow card.  Play was restarted with a free kick for the opponents.

Similarly, a red card report might be written:

In the 85th minute, while challenging for a ball in the air, #16 (Abraham Lincoln) of Republicans struck an opponent in the neck with his elbow, knocking the opponent to the ground (the opponent was injured, had to be helped from the field, and did not return).  I judged the foul to be excessively forceful;  I sent off #16 for serious foul play, showing him the red card.  After waiting for #16 to depart the vicinity of the field (which he did in less than 4 minutes), play was restarted with a penalty kick for the opponents (the foul was committed inside the team’s penalty area).
Thank you for your help in improving and standardizing GPSD misconduct reports.  If it is not obvious, of all the local organizations, GPSD is the league that must take misconduct most seriously, and deal with misbehavior most rigorously.  GPSD takes all reports of misconduct very seriously, and is completely committed to supporting its referees.  When we do our part by writing effective reports, that becomes much easier.

Doug Smith, GPSD Judicial