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7/23 (Mon): Manager's Meeting @ Kell's Pub @ 7:00 PM (112 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204)

7/30 (Mon): Team registration due @ 11:59 PM (late registration open until 8/6, $100 late fee imposed)

8/6 (Mon): GPSD Monthly Board Mtg. (Fall divisions discussed and created)

8/7 (Tue): Fall divisions announced and posted

8/7 - 8/17: Schedules being created

8/20 (Mon): Tentative schedules released

All currently scheduled Eastside Timbers Complex matches and Rex Putnam HS matches have the chance of changing as we have not finalized permit agreements with these locations yet

9/8 (Sat): Season begins

12/1 (Sat): Championship Day (No reschedules)


Creating Match Rosters & Printing Game Rosters

As always, every GPSD match will require a match roster. Our new and improved match rosters can now be accessed.

To create/modify your roster you can view the instructions located here. These will help you creating, adding players, etc.

For each match you will need to provide a copy of this to the match official. How to get the roster you created into a paper form for the match is explained here: Click here for match roster instuctions

Only team managers have access to do this - so if someone else on your team needs the ability to do this please have any of the current managers contact me and I can grant this access.

GPSD Contact Information

If you have questions as it relates to schedules/reschedules, etc. [Justin Phillips]

If you have questions as it relates to fields, bringing in a home field, inquiring about practice fields available [Justin Phillips]

If you have questions as it relates to referees or becoming an official [CJ Koll & Ian Miller]

- Referee Evaluation on your specific GPSD Match - Click Here

If you have questions as it relates to game rosters for your team [Terry Christopher]

Portland Timbers Home Matches and GPSD Policy

GPSD makes every effort to not schedule its matches during the same day as the Timbers home MLS matches (this does not include Open Cup or other league affiliated matches). With that said, there could be occassions where a GPSD match is scheduled on a Timbers home match day - if this is done the match will be scheduled in the following manner:

- If a match is scheduled before the Timbers scheduled kickoff time. It will be scheduled to end at least 2 hours before the scheduled kickoff

- If a match is scheduled after the Timbers scheduled kickoff time. It will be scheduled to start at least 4 hours after the scheduled kickoff

- If the MLS changes the kickoff time within 72 hours of the originally scheduled GPSD match, there is a possibility that your match may not have the ability to be rescheduled - but every effort will be made to should it be requested

Fall 2018 Timbers home matches: 8/26, 9/8, 9/29, 10/21