Managers Meeting 7:00 pm Kells


Managers looking for players and players looking for teams: Check out the forum



1/25/2020: Season begins



1/9/2020: Registration opens

2/7/2020: Initial registration closes - Registrations recevied after this date will receive a $100 late fee

2/10/2020: Manager's meeting @ Kells Pub @ 7:00 PM

2/12/2020: Late registration closes & any unpaid teams will be dropped and not scheduled

2/13/2020: Division alignments posted to website

2/12-28/2020: Schedules being worked on

2/28/2020: Schedules released

3/14/2020: Season begins

5/18/2020: Championship match times announced (matches to take place @ Gladstone HS and Rex Putnam HS)

6/27/2020: Championship Day


FALL 2020

6/3/2019: Registration Opens

7/15/2019 @ 7 PM: Manager's Meeting @ Kells Downtown (teams present will receive a $50 refund on registration)

7/22/2019 @ 11:59 PM: Regular registration closed (any team registered after the manager's meeting receives $100 late fee applied to their registration)

8/1/2019: Registraion permanently closed (no more teams accepted)

8/5/2019: Approx. date of division alignments announced

9/2/2019: Approx. date of schedules released (the date change is due to youth schedule delays)

9/7/2019: Season begins

10/21/2019: Approx. date of championship match location and times announced

12/14/2019: Championship Day (Gladstone HS and Putnam HS)

Creating Match Rosters & Printing Game Rosters

As always, every GPSD match will require a match roster. Our new and improved match rosters can now be accessed.

To create/modify your roster you can view the instructions located here. These will help you creating, adding players, etc.

For each match you will need to provide a copy of this to the match official. How to get the roster you created into a paper form for the match is explained here: Click here for match roster instuctions

Only team managers have access to do this - so if someone else on your team needs the ability to do this please have any of the current managers contact me and I can grant this access.

GPSD 2019 Fall Championships

All championship matches will be held on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 at either Gladstone High School or Rex Putnam High School.

Absolutely no games will be rescheduled. The league has made a continued effort to release the championship match schedule two months ahead of time so teams can begin to prepare. No exceptions!

On championship day there will be fantastic competition on display from the GPSD division finalists across 10 divisions of play as they play one more match to claim the Fall championship. We encorage those partcipating to invite their friends and families to come out and support their players and to come watch some great competition. Both Rex Putnam and Gladstone have a covered area to shield fans from the elements for our lovely Fall/Winter Oregon weather!

Fall 2019 Championship Schedule:

Division Date Time Home Result Away Field
Open 1st Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 7:00 PM Paradise SC (8-0-2) 1-0 Toffee Club FC (7-0-3) Gladstone High School
Open 2nd Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 8:00 PM Bridgetown FC (8-1-1) 5-1 FC Love Jam (7-3-0) Rex Putnam High School
O/30 1st Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 4:30 PM Nomads (7-1-2) 2-1 Guinness FC (6-2-2) Gladstone High School
O/30 2nd Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 2:00 PM Vancouver FC O/30 (8-1-1) 3-2 Toffee Club 88s (7-0-3) Gladstone High School
O/30 3rd No O/30 D-III for Fall 2019          
O/40 1st Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 5:30 PM Lompoc Senators (9-1-0) 4-3 IPS O/40 (8-1-1) Rex Putnam High School
O/40 2nd Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 3:00 PM Linn City O/40 (7-1-2) 0-2 Canyon Auto International FC (6-0-4) Rex Putnam High School
O/40 3rd Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 12:30 PM FC Oldtimers (8-0-2) 2-1 FC Strangers (6-1-3) Rex Putnam High School
O/50 1st Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 9:00 AM Portland Inter United (9-0-0)* 0-0 (1-3 PKs) Fat Tuesdays FC O/50 (7-1-2) Gladstone High School
O/50 2nd Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 11:30 AM Toffee Club O/50 (7-2-1) 0-3 OB O/50 (6-2-2) Gladstone High School
O/58 Sat., Dec. 14th, 2019 10:00 AM Fat Tuesdays FC O/58 (8-0-2) 0-0 (6-7 PKs) Pierre's SC (7-2-1) Rex Putnam High School
1st division  John  Topich       trophy  Paradice SC
2nd division George Jenkins trophy  Bridgetown FC
0/30 division Ted  Zyelinske  trophy   Nomads
0/40 division  Clive Charles   trophy   Lompoc  Senators
0/50 division  Ivan  Ivanov     trophy   Fat  Tuesday
Goal scorer  Ngeune  Nguyen  14 goals


GPSD Contact Information

If you have general questions as it relates to the league: GPSDCard@aol.com [Terry Christopher, 503-312-3505]

If you have questions as it relates to schedules/reschedules: scheduler@gpsdsoccer.com [Justin Phillips]

If you have questions as it relates to fields, bringing in a home field, etc.: fields@gpsdsoccer.com [Justin Phillips]

If you have questions as it relates to referees or becoming an official: referees@gpsdsoccer.com [CJ Koll & Ian Miller]

- Referee Evaluation on your specific GPSD Match - Click Here

Announcing 2020 City of Portland Nations Cup Tournament (May 22-25, 2020)

The GPSD organization, after some discussion of the board of directors; have decided to try and bring back some of the old soccer events (i.e. tournaments, cups, etc…), that were once very popular in the Portland metro area.

For that purpose the will organize the Nations’ Cup tournament during the Memorial Day weekend holiday in 2020. OASA has also offered their support for this tournament and we are very excited to be bringing it back to Portland.

It shall consist of five (5) divisions: Open 1st, Open 2nd, O/30, O/40, O/50 with any of those divisions being broken into multiple groups depending on number of registered teams. The tournament is scheduled to take place at Delta Park or the Eastside Timbers Sports Complex in Gresham.

Registration for the tournament will be available on the website early in 2020.

The tournament registration is anticipated to be $450/team. The league is interested in prompting the spirit of soccer in Oregon; as well as bringing back the old glory of the game to Portland. To the registered teams – there will be a set of tournament rules sent to them and these rules will also be posted on the GPSD website.