2022 GPSD Match Day Roster Instructions (Managers)

Login to your team page

From the “Welcome back” page click the “Print game cards” link.

Alternatively, once logged in and at your “Team page”, you can click the “Roster/Game Cards” link.

On the newly populated tab/page, please make sure the circled sections below match your page/Game date and then click the “Generate Game Cards” link.

Below that your Match Day Roster should populate.

Before turning into the Referee, please ensure that all Players have the following information filled out in a LEGIBLE manner. The Referee WILL NOT check your players in until this is performed. It is not their responsibility to correctly fill out your Roster.

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • OASA Card #



2022 GPSD Match Day Roster Instructions (Referees)

When presented the Match Day Roster from each team manager, pleasure check that the following is correct:

  • Game #

  • Division

  • Date

  • Time 

  • Location

  • Home Team

  • Away Team


You may use just ONE Roster as long as it has the above information, and both teams and players are listed. Some managers may add players to the roster AFTER the opposing manager has printed their roster. Please make sure to use the whichever Roster is complete (which may require both printed rosters to be used).

Next, please perform the following when “Checking Players In”.

  • Verify that all Players have the following information filled out. If they do not, return the Roster to the Team Manager and have them fill out this information in a LEGIBLE manner. 

    • Name

    • Birthdate

    • OASA Card #

  • Place a checkmark in the “PCI” column after you have verified:

    • Number (write in if needed)

    • Name

    • Birthdate (please make sure they are eligible for their age division)

    • OASA Card # 

  • Cross a “Name” out if the player is not “Checking In”

  • After the match, before turning in the Roster, please fill out the correct scores for each team.