GPSD Referee Evaluation

Please use the following link below to fill out our evaluation form for Referee's.


What is this form for?
This form is for Managers or Players designated by the Managers to evaluate and provide feedback on the Referee(s) assigned to their particular Match.
Who can fill this form out?
Managers or Players designated by the Managers.
What comes of this form?
This form and its contents are given to the GPSD Board and the Referee Assignor. The Referee Assignor takes this form VERY seriously as it is one of the only ways that they can monitor their pool of Referees in regards to performance, fitness, and interpretations of the laws of the game. 
Should I just comment on the stuff I didnt like that the Referee did or didnt do?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. For everything that you did not like about the Referee, I am sure they did do something that did please you. As much as a critisicm may help in some aspects, highlighting good things that a Refreee did wil help the assignor in the future when it comes to placement and where the Referee is assigned.
I dont know my match number?
Make sure you indicate the location and time of your match in the notes, and what team you Manage or play for.

Referee Evaluation