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The GPSD has well over a hundred teams in many different divisions and of many different skill levels. Even though the GPSD is an Adult Male League, we do have several women who choose to join and play on one of our male teams. If you just moved to the area or want to get back into playing the game, it is easy to find a team.


If you want to play, you need a player card. The player card is not part of GPSD, but part of Oregon Adult Soccer. With this you can play in several leagues. First, get a card at www.oregonadultsoccer.com   Yes, you can do it by mail.


As far as finding a team, you can post in the bulletin boards. Not all managers respond, some will email you directly.


You can also go the our website at www.gpsdsoccer.com and find a division you want to play in and go to each teams page in that division and email the managers of the teams and ask them if they need anyone.


You can also just show up at a field and hang out. Often teams show up on game day with not enough ideal players and could use some subs. Just bring your player card and some shoes. They might have extra uniforms or you can bring some different colored t-shirts with you to use.


There is no easy way as we have almost 120 teams and they are all self-managed.


Please note that if we are coming to the end of our season. Teams can’t add new players to their roster after their 7th game. So if a team needs players and they are playing in their 8th game of the season, you can’t play or they will have to forfeit. So you would need to hold off and wait until the next season. You can find out about our seasons at www.gpsdsoccer.com under the "About" Tab.


You will need a player card in order to play. You can get a player card from the Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA). You can find their information under the "F.A.Q." section above or by clicking here.